Rhea Scadden -HOUZZ
Relationship: Client
Project Date: October 2016

I will have to say that I have never met anyone before William Latil who has such a tremendous passion for wood, raw slabs of 2 inches, 4 inches thick and more!!! And, he makes fabulous furniture out of each piece.

I now know who to go to if I need that special something ever again. He finished the project ahead of time and he also delivered my beautiful, HEAVY bar table with a smile!!

John-Houston TX.

I had a table and three chairs along with two end tables refinished and they look amazing.  They picked them up and delivered them back to me in under two weeks.  I am very pleased with the work and will be using them again!Type your paragraph here.

Layton-Houston, TX.

Over the past four years, I've had about 15 pieces of furniture refinished.  (This, in itself, could be a complete testimony!)  The first piece was a gorgeous walnut burl Mid Century conference table, which was ready for the scrap heap, but then I intervened and took it off someone's hands.  I took a snap shot of the table and sent it to Furniture Refinishing Services.  They said they could do it. gave me a reasonable quote, and had it ready for my home in less than a week.  It is stunning.  I was fully expecting marginal results since the table was in such poor shape.  Boy, was I wrong--but later surprised with the results!
Since then, I've brought them antiques with water stains, broken chairs, and yesterday gave them another large table.
They are polite, have an excellent eye for detail. quick turnaround, and have strong opinions on what they believe looks good (in terms of finishes) and what doesn't.  Plus, they'll pick up your pieces and return.
I literally cannot believe some of the negative posts I've read about FRS.  They seem like some sort of vendetta.
At any rate, two big thumbs up for them!  Couldn't be happier with the end products--all 15 pieces!ype your paragraph here.

Tammy P.- Houston TX

Amazing work.  William was so professional.  I did not like the original color of my kitchen cabinets, but loved the actual cabinets.  I wanted a darker stain.  I was extremely nervous to risk having someone mess up all of my cabinets.  He took 2 of my cabinet doors and gave me 4 samples of colors that were similar to what I was looking for.  Once I saw his sample work on my cabinet doors, I was sold.  Looked like they came from the manufacturer.  I decided to have him do my breakfast table as well, to match the cabinets.  All the workers were so nice.  I would highly recommend this company.

Julie B- Houston, TX

I would like to say a few things about William and Shannon the owners of Total Furniture Refinishing
I have had the pleasure of working with them on many many projects over the past 20 some years. From my own personal prices of furniture, the cabinets in my house as well as many of my clients ( I own a interior design firm) I can honestly say that I have never been anything except extremely happy with all of these projects as have all of my clients whom have requested that I use this company over and over again. 
Shannon is so lovely to talk to and extremely professional and helpful always willing to go above and beyond. There work is flawless and beautiful and I can't say enough about this wonderful husband and wife team . And I will continue to use them and recommend them to anyone needing furniture refinished or beautiful cabinets . They are a local small company and we all need to use the small companies they are the heartbeat of America and more people should use and patronize them . Made in the USA . If you haven't tryed them yet than you should definitely give them I try , I promise you won't be disappointed . Thank you Julie


I just saw a bad review about this company and then I saw a great review. I could not believe anybody would have anything bad to say about this company. I first met William and Shannon 23 years ago, I met them shortly after my mother had passed. After my mother passed I inherited furniture and tried to find a company to restore the furniture. The first two companies that I went to said that it was not worth restoring. The third company picked my furniture up and for a year I tried to get my furniture back. This devastated me, I finally got referred to this company called "Furniture Refinishing Services". I then immediately called them and got a real human person to talk to. (most the companies I called I got a machine)
I explained my situation to Shannon Latil one of the original owners of the company. She immediately sent her husband William (also a founder of the company) to pick up my furniture. Shortly after they picked my furniture up, they had asked me to come out and look at the furniture that I haven't seen in almost a year. When I arrived at their shop, they told me I would have my furniture back within 7-10 days. I kinda laughed in disbelief from my past experiences. Four days later I get a call from Shannon saying they want me to come back to their shop. What they wanted was for me to come approve of the finished furniture and get it set up for a delivery back to my house. I was stunned and amazed that they got back to me at such a short period of time saying that the furniture was done. I expected sub far refinishing; but I was very far off with my expectations. Since that time I've referred many of my colleagues, friends, and family. They are pleasing and quick with everything they do. Also are generous and amazing people. I'd recommend this company to every person in need of repair.

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